Verkada is at it again, launching another valuable new feature to its video security software. 

This new Floor Plans feature gives your organization the ability to visualize and manage your network of cameras across any number of facilities and levels. Whether your organization is a single building with two floors or an industrial complex sprawling dozens of buildings over ten acres, Verkada’s Floor Plans can help you visualize situational coverage and identify potential gaps. 

How Do Floor Plans Work?
You don’t need to be a technology guru to utilize Floor Plans. Simply upload an image of your custom floor plan (in .svg or .pdf formats), orient the floor plan over a Google Map, place your cameras into correct locations, and define your field of view. 

From your Verkada Floor Plan, you’ll be able to view live feeds within the context of placement. In other words, you can toggle between Google Maps and Floor Plan views in an organized fashion. Since Floor Plans are arranged into buildings and floors, you can easily navigate between facilities or levels without confusion. 

What Are Verkada Users Saying?

This is a brand new rollout, so users are still taking the time to explore Floor Plans and adopt best practices. James K. Powell, Jr, the Security Coordinator for the Arlington Public Schools, shared his take on Floor Plans:

“We manage security for over 28,000 students. Our teaching and safety staff use Verkada to easily manage video feeds from hundreds of cameras across 33 different facilities. Understanding exactly where our cameras are located and their field of view throughout our buildings is critical to giving our teams the situational awareness they need to respond to incidents and ensure student and staff safety. Verkada’s Floor Plans feature gives us the tools we need to better manage our sites.”

Want to Learn More?

Finding the best surveillance and security system for your organization is a major task. Explore the features of Verkada risk-free by joining an upcoming introductory webinar. We’ll walk you through Verkada’s features and answer any questions you may have about the system’s implementation. 

You can even request a 30-day free trial of a Verkada camera to explore its functionality on your site. 

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