When Filip Kaliszan, Benjamin Bercovitz, and James Ren founded Verkada in 2016, they were driven by the realization that businesses and schools didn't have access to the same modern video security systems available to homeowners. But why not? 

It became their ultimate vision to equip schools, enterprises, and organizations with video security technology that was both user-friendly and innovative. 

With Verkada, they created a system that streamlines traditional security camera technology by removing on-premise video recorders and complex network configuration. 

That unique architecture pairs perfectly with the latest software advances that Verkada uses to enable smart features like automatic tamper alerts, real-time anomaly detection, facial recognition, heatmapping, and Offline Mode. 

Here's the short version: Verkada reimagined video security. 

But we understand that business owners or loss prevention managers want to see it to believe it. That's why we're offering 15 businesses the opportunity to try out a Verkada camera for 30 days, completely free of charge. 

It's also why we're offering 3 of those 15 businesses a FREE one-, two-, or four-camera Verkada system. 

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