If your organization is still using a legacy surveillance system anchored by DVRs and NVRs, you might find it difficult to access your camera footage with speed and efficiency. 

Without the ability to view footage remotely from any device, you can’t maximize security or properly manage resources. 

Once of Verkada’s core missions is to provide rapid, simple, and reliable remote video footage, regardless of where you are or how you’re viewing the live feed. This is why Verkada recently released its updated mobile platform with changes made specifically to enhance remote accessibility across organizations of all sizes. 

New Verkada Mobile Features

Log In Using SSO

You can now log into your Verkada mobile account using Single Sign-On (SSO) on iOS or Android. This means you can log in with your SAML/OAuth provider, whether it’s Okta, OneLogin, ADFS, Google’s G Suite Business Apps, or others. By supporting SSO, Verkada makes mobile use available to more customers. 

Push Notifications and Deep Links

Verkada’s new mobile platform also allows you to enable push notifications and “deep links”. Push notifications can be customized to notify you of motion, tampering, offline mode, or occlusion alerts. When any notification pops up on your phone, it includes a thumbnail for easy review. Pressing down on the alert enables easy viewing from your phone’s home screen. 

The mobile app is also tailored to smaller screen sizes of phones and tablets to deliver an even better user experience. 

Desktop Features Added to Mobile App

Many of the most-loved desktop features have been carried over to Verkada’s mobile app as well:

  • Search for a camera

  • View and create archives- perfect for sharing critical information with authorities or quickly archiving footage for future review

  • Live link sharing- to ensure your organization can share video streams with contacts outside your organization, like first responders

  • Zoom- just pink the screen to zoom and pan within the mobile app

Local Streaming

In addition to supporting remote access, Verkada is also committed to limiting WAN bandwidth use. By bringing Local Streaming to mobile, you can now view any cameras connected to the same LAN as your mobile device. Those cameras will stream locally, rather than consuming WAN bandwidth. 

Of course, security features like authentication and encryption will still be provided from the cloud application, but streaming video data will be delivered locally for best results. 

Real Verkada Users Respond to Mobile Features

Joe Keller, the Vice President of Information Technology at SVS Vision, explained how his organization utilizes the full spectrum of features offered on Verkada’s mobile application:

“As a proud Michigan-based optical retailer, we manage 80 stores throughout the U.S Having a common platform to view and manage our cameras across locations is critical for us to ensure employee safety, assist in loss prevention, and securely monitor our facilities. Increasingly, we are running our business on mobile devices, and giving our corporate staff secure, role-based access to our camera feeds via Verkada’s Android and iOS apps improves employee productivity and accelerates investigations.”

These features are all now live in the latest versions of Verkada’s mobile app, available in the App Store or on Google Play. Please update your app to get the latest features!

Want to learn more? Get a 20-Minute Demo and see how Verkada can help your organization modernize its approach to physical security.